I went RED - Hair care for Red heads

Hey guys !!

I know it's been too many months but I'm back, I have the work space now and I'll be on YouTube finally so you can expect those videos more often on here as well.  I'm not steering away from fashion I'll just be combining the two..

So today's post is all about the process I went through as you know I had very dark black hair , very healthy hair may I add !!  I'm laying it all out , I'm not sugar coating anything my hair did get very damaged, but there are also some solutions I found that I wanted to share with you.

I also have a make up look coming up on the look below.

Taken today Oct 16

I rambled on and on and forgot to mention some things so I'm going to start off with the products you'll need .

Good developer 

Okay so lets get right in, I had one friend who had just gone through a similar process but with blonde hair. She insisted I lay off dyeing my hair any bright color because of the damage that follows, but because I had such strong hair and I basically go red every fall I didn't listen I was acting like a know it all !! 

I soon regretted it  not taking into account the fact that I had never ever bleached my hair or gone through any process like that. I also figure I would be fine since I knew there was things I can do to recover from this so at the end of the day we were both right. I basically murdered my hair but I did my extensive research and found out what steps I needed to take to recover. 

Although I'm not fully recovered my hair is not in that bad a shape. 

When you die your and need to apply any type of bleach to your hair it is very important that you wait at least 1 week before washing your hair and  wait until your second wash to shampoo at least. I know how gross that sounds but keep in mind your hair is trying to recover. You want to apply a good conditioner  to your hair and lots of it  preferably something with Keratin in it.

I've now gotten to a point where I'll wash my hair 2x a week  in the beginning I was only washing once a week and each time I washed I was doing a hair mask. I'm do for a mask but I honestly haven't had one lately.  you don't have to go out and buy a mask, there are many products that you can make as a DIY with stuff you probably already have at home but if you want something formulated already the masks that i got from Sally's were only $0.99 not bad . 

Let me know if you guys want to see more of how I'm keeping up with this color , and if you have any tips for bleached hair please leave  comments below. 



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